Marine Electronics & Electrical

JB Custom Marine will customize each electronics installation and electrical repair to maximize functionality and longevity while meeting your needs and budget.
Mobile Marine Electronics, Mobile Maintenance, Mobile Detailing, Mobile Engine Re

  • All Garmin® installations completed by a Garmin® Certified Marine Installer
  • Installations completed by an American Boat & Yacht Council® (ABYC), Certified Marine Electrical Technician & National Marine Electronics Association® (NMEA), Advanced Marine Electronics Installer

Electronics We Sell, Service & Install:

  • Navigation
  • Entertainment Systems/Stereos
  • Fishfinder/Sonar
  • Communication
  • Autopilots
  • Instruments/Sensors
  • Marine Weather

Other Electronics Services

  • Electronics troubleshooting and repair
  • DC/AC systems inspection, troubleshooting and repair


A properly designed and well maintained electrical system is essential to the safety and reliability of your vessel. From designing a complete electrical system for custom built boats to rewiring a power distribution panel, JB Custom Marine is able to take care of all your wiring needs.

  • Electrical systems built by JB Custom Marine are constructed using high quality parts and meet or exceed today’s industry standards.

Why is Rewiring Important?

Fire Hazard

Electrical fires are among the most common causes of boat loss. Many boats are subject to electrical fires due to overloading and improper circuit protection. Many times this stems from additional equipment being installed to the original electrical system without taking into account its capabilities, resulting in an undersized system subject to short battery life, long charging times, electrical fire and more.

Wiring Deteriorates with Age

Older boats were constructed with electrical wire inferior to today’s marine grade wire. As electrical systems age wires become brittle and deteriorate due to the corrosive environment a boat operates in. Old electrical systems can become hazardous and troublesome. When your boat’s wiring shows signs of deterioration, it is time to rewire.

Saltwater Damage

If a boat has ever been submerged in saltwater for any period of time, the electrical system will be subject to damage from moisture and corrosion. JB Custom Marine will inspect your boat’s electrical system and provide you with the best course of action.